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What is a Softswitch?

A drill-down examination of the telecommunications space could easily uncover information regarding the softswitch. You may hear all about the benefits and why you want to have one in place, but that doesn't help to explain what a softswitch is, or what it means to your organization... More ›

  • East Coast Law Firm Deploys Cloud-based Phone System
    Maintaining good communication with clients is one of the most important responsibilities of an attorney. As such, an East Coast law firm recently implemented a new hosted phone and softswitch system using a cloud-based VoIP solution, which has proven to be beneficial on many levels.
  • VoIP Solutions Provider Opens SNOGA to Developers for Customized Communications
    Since the arrival of the Internet, more companies deploy open-source platforms that take advantage of the knowledge base outside their organization to come up with new innovative solutions advancing the products and services they offer. This provides companies with faster-to-market opportunities because the solutions being created by developers target customers with specific needs.
  • Bharti Airtel Launches Its Own Messaging and VoIP App
    In the global mobile landscape, instant messaging (IM), including over the top (OTT) messaging apps, has seen explosive growth. This technology, now a key element of any UC system, offers a simple, comprehensive way to communicate. It can make a real impact in the way users interact with others in their personal and business life. Use of these apps is booming on personal devices, but even companies have their own instant messages services to facilitate communications between employees and with clients.
  • VoIP Battle Intensifies: Viber and Skype Go Head-to-Head
    The global softswitch market has also been witnessing an increased use of PC-to-PC calls, in addition to that from smartphone-to-smartphone. Both Skype and Viber apps are used worldwide. So, how exactly does Viber compare with Skype? Which one is better, and why, from a VoIP softswitch technology point of view?
  • Hackers Running Up Big Bills on Small Business Phone Systems
    Theft of phone service by hackers is becoming a severe problem, serious enough to attract coverage in The New York Times.
  • SipVine Cracks the Secrets of Business VoIP
    Businesses throughout the world, seemingly regardless of the markets in which they participate, have a key point in common in increasingly large numbers: these businesses are considering softswitch solutions like voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) as an alternative to the standard phone system. But within the VoIP market there's a staggering amount of issues to consider as to finding the best in the field, and a new report from SipVine suggests just how to get the best out of the many possibilities the market has to offer.
  • Tata and PCCW Global Expand Network Capabilities for Data and Video
    PCCW Global and Tata Communications announced the two companies have agreed to connect the thier IPX and MPLS networks via a network-to-network interface (NNI). As a result, enterprise customers of both companies will be able to connect directly in HD video as well as increase their access to related voice, data and video applications.
  • Microsoft to Drop Skype Call Support in India
    Softswitch and VoIP technologies are connecting people all over the world cheaply and effectively. But things may be changing soon in India. Despite the fact that Skype is an incredibly popular VoIP calling platform in India, Microsoft made the announcement this week that the company would no longer be supporting calls made to Indian landlines or mobile phones.

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REDCOM Product Showcase

SLICE® 2100™ is an advanced carrier-class 4/5 softswitch and media gateway platform that delivers interoperable communications to service providers, ILECs/CLECs and private networks. SLICE 2100 is a drop-in solution for carrier IP migration, End Office replacement, and distributed cloud voice services.

SLICE® IP is a pure IP softswitch that delivers advanced next generation network functions and call management for IP subscribers. Built on an industry-standard SIP-based architecture, SLICE IP delivers all the features needed on a pure IP network, such as IP Centrex, bandwidth management, conferencing and SIP trunking.

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SLICE 2100 Brochure
SLICE 2100 provides a high assurance migration solution that enables carriers to schedule a phased approach to VoIP implementation, risks, and financial exposure.

SLICE IP Brochure
REDCOM's SLICE IP allows service providers to deploy flexible networks that can adapt to increasing end-user demands and competitive industry dynamics at a lower operating cost.

HDX Brochure
HDX provides a high assurance migration solution that enables carriers to schedule a phased approach to VoIP implementation, risks, and financial exposure.

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SLICE IP Podcast with Carlos Sanchez
TMCnet's Stefanie Mosca had the opportunity to interview Carlos Sanchez, vice president of sales for the Americas at REDCOM regarding the successful implementation of softswitch as an IP communications solution for customers.

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