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What is a Softswitch?

A drill-down examination of the telecommunications space could easily uncover information regarding the softswitch. You may hear all about the benefits and why you want to have one in place, but that doesn't help to explain what a softswitch is, or what it means to your organization... More ›

  • Want to Make Free VoIP Calls? Here's How
    By now, VoIP is certainly not a new technology. We started seeing VoIP come into the communications space somewhere around the mid-90s, and since its inception, it has managed to help businesses and consumers save some bucks on their phone bills.
  • FRAFOS Releases New Version of Carrier-grade SBC Controller
    FRAFOS announced recently that it had released version 3.2 of its ABC session border controller (ABC SBC). The new and improved device reduces the strain on VoIP and softswitch servers when networks experience high traffic, in addition to providing better monitoring.
  • Soprano Design Joins SMS with Secure IP Messaging for the Enterprise
    A recent profile of North Sydney-based mobile messaging company Soprano Design argues that the company's efforts in the field of secure message warrant being more widely-known in the enterprise and that its newest messaging platform, Soprano Gamma, should be more widely adopted.
  • NCT Offering Updated Hosted Calling Card Softswitch Solution
    New Concept Technologies (NCT) announced recently that it will be offering an updated version of its hosted calling card softswitch solution. This will allow providers to offer their customers different payment methods and handle many of the financial transactions that VoIP service providers must deal with.
  • South Africa's Centracom Buys Softswitch to Better Serve Customers
    In a bold move that will help it to take ownership of its communication services and offer enterprise and service provider customers a broader range of solutions, South African carrier Centracom has purchased its own softswitch. The company has chosen the PortaSwitch from PortaOne to offer next-generation VoIP services as well as a host of other communications and related features to customers.
  • AltiGen Optimizes Offering for VoIP Phones
    If you're an AltiGen user who also purchases hardware from Polycom, you may have noticed that some of the more advanced features in your provider's IP-PBX or contact center software weren't available when using certain devices. This is changing, though, since AltiGen Communications, Inc. has introduced full-scale compatibility with Polycom's entire family of VoIP phones, including its VVX, SoundPoint, and SoundStation lines. The features will be reflected in AltiGen's MaxCS Private Cloud, Softswitch SaaS, and any on-premise deployments.
  • East Coast Law Firm Deploys Cloud-based Phone System
    Maintaining good communication with clients is one of the most important responsibilities of an attorney. As such, an East Coast law firm recently implemented a new hosted phone and softswitch system using a cloud-based VoIP solution, which has proven to be beneficial on many levels.
  • VoIP Solutions Provider Opens SNOGA to Developers for Customized Communications
    Since the arrival of the Internet, more companies deploy open-source platforms that take advantage of the knowledge base outside their organization to come up with new innovative solutions advancing the products and services they offer. This provides companies with faster-to-market opportunities because the solutions being created by developers target customers with specific needs.

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REDCOM Product Showcase

SLICE® 2100™ is an advanced carrier-class 4/5 softswitch and media gateway platform that delivers interoperable communications to service providers, ILECs/CLECs and private networks. SLICE 2100 is a drop-in solution for carrier IP migration, End Office replacement, and distributed cloud voice services.

SLICE® IP is a pure IP softswitch that delivers advanced next generation network functions and call management for IP subscribers. Built on an industry-standard SIP-based architecture, SLICE IP delivers all the features needed on a pure IP network, such as IP Centrex, bandwidth management, conferencing and SIP trunking.

Featured Brochures

SLICE 2100 Brochure
SLICE 2100 provides a high assurance migration solution that enables carriers to schedule a phased approach to VoIP implementation, risks, and financial exposure.

SLICE IP Brochure
REDCOM's SLICE IP allows service providers to deploy flexible networks that can adapt to increasing end-user demands and competitive industry dynamics at a lower operating cost.

HDX Brochure
HDX provides a high assurance migration solution that enables carriers to schedule a phased approach to VoIP implementation, risks, and financial exposure.

Featured Podcast

SLICE IP Podcast with Carlos Sanchez
TMCnet's Stefanie Mosca had the opportunity to interview Carlos Sanchez, vice president of sales for the Americas at REDCOM regarding the successful implementation of softswitch as an IP communications solution for customers.

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