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  • Colorado House of Representatives Battling AARP Over VoIP Bills
    The popularity of softswitches and VoIP-based phones in the business world is starting to bleed over into the residential world. A set of five bills that are making their way through the Colorado House of Representatives could continue that push. The bills, which are being supported by Democrats and Republicans in the House, are geared towards streamlining, permitting, construction, maintenance, and operation of cell towers, fiber optic lines and infrastructure while also working with deregulating VoIP and other advanced telephone services.
  • Will the Proliferation of VoIP Mean Higher Rates?
    One of the biggest advantages to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been the lower price for the technology. Companies and residents alike flocked to the offerings promoted by vendors so they could eliminate their reliance on the traditional landline and gain more control over their communications spending.
  • Calling Cards Represent an Opportunity for VoIP Providers
    Voice-over-IP (VoIP) is a growing telecom segment, and a plethora of VoIP providers and resellers have cropped up to service businesses and consumers that are looking to lower their phone costs and provide added mobility to their calling.
  • Offering More Work Location Flexibility a Necessity for Modern Businesses
    I always find it interesting how things change, and how those changes take on changes themselves. Perhaps I am showing my age, but back in my day, having flexibility in work location meant that instead of working for the New York office, you could work in your home town if the company had an office there. You still had to drive to work, but you didn't have to move.
  • What Softswitch Means for Billing and How It Can Bring ROI
    In telecommunications, a softswitch is one of those things that connects calls from one phone line to another, entirely by means of software running on a computer system. There is less hardware required, it makes telephony more affordable, and it can route all types of calls. Given that, what does a softswitch have to do with billing and why should it matter?
  • Why It's a Good Time for Softswitch
    The telecommunications media space has had a lot to talk about in the area of VoIP. While this technology has been around for more than three decades, it's really just been in the past 10 years that companies and residents alike have adopted its benefits to streamline communications and get a better handle on the cost of staying connected.
  • magicJack Earnings Highlight How Far VoIP Has Progressed
    There are many residential voice over IP (VoIP) providers, but last week one household name, magicJack, hit a high with its stock price on news of better than average performance, making it a good time to pause and reflect on the industry.
  • The Impact of Adding Voice Calling to WhatsApp
    The softswitch and VoIP market in the smartphone sector is very busy, as many other companies continue to seek opportunities in what most experts feel is the communication platform of the future. Viber is just one of the competitors, but smartphone users are increasingly using VoIP to make voice calls and avoid the wireless carrier's calling minutes altogether.
  • Softswitch Upgrades Made Easy
    VoIP and softswitch technology has been available for some time, and a wide variety of equipment has been purchased and put into service over the years to access it. But considering the pace of technological change, networks built around older equipment and technology are now reaching end of life, and processes need to be put into place to facilitate smooth transitions into upgrades solutions.
  • Rural Businesses Seek Internet Upgrades for Better VoIP
    Businesses in rural areas have always paid somewhat of a price by not having access to high-speed Internet locally, but the increasing prevalence of softswitch technology and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has made the lack of broadband Internet sting even more than before.
  • Access Your Cell from Your Computer with Virtual Smartphone
    In the telecommunication industry, the IP softswitch, which acts as a controller that offers users one interface for multiple IP networks, has provided solutions for Internet service carriers to connect phone calls from one line to another with the help of the Internet. Nowadays, mobile VoIP, instead of traditional telephony, has become part of our everyday processes.
  • SwitchRay Announces SR-S5000 Softswitch Update
    Earlier this March, global telecom service provider SwitchRay announced updated features for its softswitch platform, SR-S5000. The update version, 1.8, includes enhanced services for call centers and proprietary Hunt Group functionality.
  • REDCOM Innovates the Softswitch to Meet Growing Demand
    In the world of telecommunications, innovation can't seem to move fast enough to satisfy those on the cutting-edge. Landlines are disappearing and access to high-speed broadband to support VoIP is in constant demand. For companies developing solutions to support the advancement of the softswitch, opportunities continue to grow.
  • Google Hangouts Update Helps Firm Stay Competitive in VoIP Space
    Google is once again making headlines with an update to its Google Hangouts service for iOS, ostensibly a free unified communications solution that individuals and groups can use on their iPhone or iPad to communicate and collaborate.
  • VoIP, Softswitch Gaining Global Momentum Year After Year
    At the close of every year, analysts gather data in various sectors to see what technologies did well and where, and as no surprise, VoIP is still on the upswing. 2013 was a good year for VoIP on the global scale, so says market analysis from Infonetics Research. This bodes well for not only VoIP, but the softswitch market, too.
  • Facebook Entering VoIP Market Could Create Huge Disruption
    In a recent GoMo News article, Hans Cett alluded to comments made by John Strand of Danish research firm Strand Consult, about the possibility of Facebook developing a Skype-like VoIP app. If Facebook was to develop such an app, the potential for disrupting the VoIP market would be huge, both from Microsoft's and the telecom industry's perspectives.
  • How Can the Softswitch Enable Flexibility at Work?
    The flexible work schedule - something so many of us strive to achieve, yet only a few enjoy. For years, the flexible employee was one who was able to work from home with access to the technology available to support the telecommuter. That technology was limited and the separation between the employee and the corporate environment was obvious. It was a time before the availability of the softswitch that created a seamless experience.
  • Wi-Fi Rollout Benefits London Borough Businesses
    Free Wi-Fi services are set to hit the London boroughs of Barnet, Harrow, Haringey and Brent, using street lampposts and other existing street equipment to cover the area for individuals out and about, and that could mean big things for softswitch technology and business VoIP in the region.
  • WhichVoIP Reveals Direction of Global Digital Communications Market
    On Tuesday, WhichVoIP released new data showing how quickly the world is embracing VoIP communication. In many markets the question of whether or not VoIP will replace POTS has long ago been answered, and trying to stop it would be like trying to catch an arrow after it's been shot.
  • GL Communications Intros Enhanced Tool for VoIP Traffic Analysis
    GL Communications has launched its improved Packet Data Analysis tool for live monitoring of signaling and traffic over IP. Along with GL packet analyzers, the Packet Data Analysis (PDA) will provide a tool for VoIP traffic analysis.
  • Cloud-based Service Builds on Softswitch Tech
    The innovative Web Real-Time Communication is an application program interface (API) that can be used for plug-in-free, real-time video, audio and data communication. It's expected that this technology, like the softswitch and VoIP, will help evolve the way people will communicate once major smartphones will have it.
  • Viber Deal Shows the Quiet Disruption from Softswitch Technology
    There's currently a battle going on between incumbent telecom carriers and Internet upstarts that effectively take the carrier's profits by offering telecom services through the Internet.
  • From the Court House: VoIP Not Exempt from TCPA
    A quick Google search of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) will certainly yield a lot of court cases. The basic premise of the TCPA is designed to, as the name states, protect the consumer who would be on the receiving end of marketing or soliciting phone calls. Many people know the "do not call" list, and it's thanks to the TCPA that we have this.
  • Uniden Cordless Mobility Solution Now Interoperable with PhoneSuite for Hotels
    Voiceware softswitch phone system software from PhoneSuite is now interoperable with the Uniden EXP1240 SIP DECT Cordless Mobility Solution.
  • Should Governments Rule the Softswitch?
    In the world of telecommunications, control has often been the name of the game. Who has control over the lines that run across the county? Who has control over rates? Who can control regions of the country where services are available? Now that VoIP, by way of the softswitch, is gaining in popularity, the control is shifting back to the consumer.
  • Softswitch, VoIP Growth Fueled by Evolving Business Services
    The concept of using a softswitch to make and receive calls over the Internet with VoIP continues to be popular in the business world, as per a recent Infonetics Research report on the state of VoIP and unified communications. The report also states that business VoIP services are fueling growth in the industry.
  • Biamp Systems Launches Vocia 1.6 with Three New Hardware Devices
    The size of the global network infrastructure demands a solution that uses software in order to manage the massive amount of traffic being generated today. Manually switching network functions is on its last days, as software-defined networking (SDN) continues to be adopted by data centers around the world.
  • As FCC Approves POTS Replacement Trials, Softswitch Availability Gets Closer
    The race is on to make the U.S. an IP nation. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) put the plans in motion a few years back when it outlined the roadmap for the IP transition. While some may feel the timetable is a little long and others believe the agency is wielding too much power, the latest announcement that it has approved a test period for POTS replacement is a step in the right direction.
  • Viber Chooses Couchbase in Preparation of 2014 VoIP Growth
    VoIP provider Viber is attacking 2014 with an aggressive plan to increase subscribers and hopefully begin to turn a profit. It started with the December announcement of low-cost international calls through Viber Out, a direct competitor to Skype Out, but offering (at least temporarily) lower per-minute rates.
  • Demand for Softswitch Fuels Global Expansion
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is gaining popularity in the U.S. as residents and businesses alike are drawn to the lower cost and higher quality connections. While the technology has been available in other regions of the world, many have resisted adoption due to the inability to monitor VoIP activity. China fell into this category - until recently. It seems the country's citizens will now be able to benefit from softswitch services.
  • Telinta Intros Mobile Softphone App
    Telinta, a Springfield, N.J., provider of hosted switching and billing solutions for VoIP service providers, has rolled out a new, easy-to-use mobile softphone app for both iOS and Android devices.
  • How the Softswitch Delivers a Competitive Advantage
    A desk, a phone and a legal pad - it used to be enough to start a business. If you could make a call, close a deal and deliver on expectations, you could generate an invoice and get paid. Of course this analogy glosses over much of the hard work involved, but it highlights a stark contrast to how businesses operate today.
  • Mizutech Takes VoIP Business to the Cloud
    Organizations are transforming the way they communicate every day, as they realize the benefits of VoIP systems and switch to this platform. The cloud is taking this a step further by eliminating the problems associated with deploying hardware and maintaining equipment.
  • VoIP Helps Organizations of Every Kind
    In the telecommunications space, we talk a lot about how VoIP can save businesses money, give their overall productivity a boost and help streamline processes. However, VoIP goes far beyond helping companies-ranging from small businesses all the way to the enterprise level.
  • Scalable VoIP Phone Systems Help Businesses Grow
    One of the biggest problems with expanding businesses is maintaining a strong level of telephone communication. This is because landline phone systems are generally extremely expensive, and calling between different office locations use up calling minutes.
  • Spectrotel Launches New PBX Cloud Solutions
    Spectrotel, a New Jersey-based local exchange carrier (LEC), stated that its newly unveiled PBX solutions are powered by Broadview Networks' White Label Cloud Phone System, ensuring that users are able to deploy an advanced hosted phone system.
  • Birns TeleCommunications Debuts New Hosted PBX System
    The newly launched Cloud Hosted PBX communications system, from communications equipment supplier Birns TeleCommunicaitons, can run an SMB's phone system without using any sort of hardware, deployment costs or maintenance typically needed for a conventional hosted office phone system.
  • Softswitches Help Companies Fight Natural Disaster
    Despite what many may think, the weather will never be a tame-able force-but there are ways for companies to safeguard themselves in the face of a natural disaster.
  • Wheelings & Dealings: Australian Acquisition Highlights International Popularity of VoIP
    One of the largest voice-over-IP (VoIP) providers in Australia just bought one of the oldest. Australia's FaktorTel, a privately owned VoIP network provider, announced last week that it has acquired the subscribers and trademark of ATPNet, a division of Australian Technology Partnerships and one of the oldest VoIP providers in the country.
  • India Issues Standard Operating Procedures for Lawful Phone Interception
    Online and telephone privacy, particularly in the United States, has been a hot button topic as the NSA has come under fire for violating privacy rules since 2008. Currently, India's government has issued a checklist of what's considered fair use of interception and what isn't.
  • REDCOM Shows Off Next Gen Carrier-Class Network Solutions
    VoIP has become a key component of communications strategies for many businesses. It offers businesses the freedom to connect their phones virtually, without the need for costly landlines, and can improve call quality with features such as HD voice.
  • Small Firms Gain Big in the Internet Age
    The divide between large enterprises and small businesses is narrowing thanks to the cloud. While all businesses benefit from using Web services, small and medium-sized firms gain the most.
  • Yet Another BT Price Hike - UK Businesses Likely to Cut Costs with VoIP
    In a bad economy, businesses are feeling bogged down by the mounting pressure of fixed costs. Starting with gas, electricity and office space rents, everything has gone up over the past few years.
  • Report: VoLTE to Emerge Strong in 2014
    Suddenly, everyone seems to be getting serious about VoLTE; for what is considered to be a nascent technology, it does seem to be quickly gathering speed. At CES 2014, AT&T kindled the VoLTE flame when it announced that it would introduce devices that can support HD voice and LTE-Advanced in 2014 -a clear indication that it means business.
  • Comings & Goings: REDCOM's Richard T. Marcucci Promoted to VP of Finance
    REDCOM has been producing telecommunications systems in the industry for over 35 years, and Richard Marcucci has been on board for over 30 of those years, making his contributions to the company innumerable and instrumental.
  • Capturing Data is a Great Idea - If You Use it
    Technology is a wonderful thing - when it works correctly. Likewise, even correctly functioning technology can achieve less than the desired result when you miss the mark on design and execution. A softswitch can help your company easily integrate your website with Web service calls and the use of IVR to streamline operations. Before this implementation, however, pay attention to strategy.
  • VoIP Racket in Bangladesh Highlights VoIP as a Commodity
    Thirty-nine foreign nationals were arrested in Bangladesh recently with a huge quantity of illegal VoIP equipment, according to the director of the country's Anti-crime elite force (RAB)'s media wing.
  • Mobile, Wireless Gateways Stay Relevant for Homes and Businesses
    With the start of the New Year, the tech sector is seeing continued emphasis on the use of mobile and wireless gateways, which allow for connections to be made between networks.
  • Lightpath Unveils New Voice Tools for Efficient Businesses Communication During Emergencies
    Lightpath, a division of Cablevision Systems Corporation and a provider of advanced Ethernet-based data, Internet, voice, video transport solutions and managed services, is all set to enhance communication of mid-market and large businesses across the New York metropolitan area during emergencies.
  • Apple Says Hello to Integrated VoIP
    Easy is good, and Apple historically has been good about making things easy. With the upcoming release of its Mac OS operating system, all signs indicate that Apple will be making voice calls pretty easy for its users.
  • What's the Role of Chat in a Softswitch World?
    I remember the first time I used chat (also known as instant messaging). It was 1994, and I was on America Online. I went into a chat room-and found that I could talk with strangers without having to brave the interactions in person. I was able to talk, but do so comfortably without having to worry about my hair or the fact that I was working at the same time as I was talking.
  • Firm Deepens Customer Relationships with Innovative Softswitch Management
    Many resellers see choosing the right softswitch company as a way to differentiate services and ensure quality VoIP. For VoIP Innovations, however, softswitches also were an opportunity to build better customer service.
  • Will Chat Replace Phone in the Office? Not a Chance
    Spoiler alert: Chat will never replace the office telephone, even if telephone technology continues to change. We've already seen a big migration from traditional phones to VoIP, for instance. But calling won't go away.
  • Scandinavian Airlines Signs Agreement for In-Flight Mobile VoIP
    If you have ever decided you needed to make a phone call while in flight on an airplane, you have typically had two choices: either don't make the phone call, or pay a fee roughly equivalent to a mortgage payment in order to use the in-flight phone service provided by the airline.
  • FCS and Toshiba Improve Softswitch Operations for Hotels
    FCS Computer Systems and Toshiba have teamed to improve operational proficiencies in small and boutique hotels. To this end, Gateway solution from FCS Computer Systems has been integrated with Strata CIX Unified Communication Systems from Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd.
  • Comings & Goings: Timothy McDonald Appointed as magicJack's Newest Chief Operating Officer
    The business and residential Voice over IP (VoIP) giant magicJack seems to be turning a new leaf, as evidenced by recent changes in upper management. magicJack offers their customers a cheap and innovative plug-in adapter that converts standard analog telephone signals into digital ones, that can be transmitted over the Internet through VoIP.
  • Zultys Unveils Cloud-based UC Appliance MXvirtual
    The newly unveiled MXvirtual from Zultys is a cloud-based, VMware-ready, comprehensive UC appliance that is designed to help enterprises and managed service providers seamlessly migrate to the cloud without sacrificing their essential features for simplicity.
  • VoIP Wars: Viber Lures Callers from Skype After Lowering Rates
    If price makes all of the difference, Viber, a mobile calling and chat app, stands to pull in many customers. It recently launched Viber Out, which lets users make calls worldwide to non-Viber users - including mobile phones and landlines - at rates that are now much lower than Skype.
  • AVST's UC Platform, BroadSoft's Communications App Server Now Interoperable
    Applied Voice & Speech Technologies (AVST) has announced that its CX-E 8.5 UC platform has completed session initiation protocol (SIP) interoperability testing with BroadSoft's BroadWorks communications application server.
  • Toshiba Empowers Businesses with Single-Vendor Telephony Solution
    In general, many businesses do not like to deploy solutions from different vendors due to interoperability issues, which prove to be costly in the long run.
  • VoIP Can Help Businesses Make Up the Loss from Higher Heating Costs
    As the days get colder and much of the Eastern half of the United States is blanketed by snow, leaving people stranded at airports or hunkered down in their homes, Americans are discovering that the cost of heating is rising.
  • Why a Softswitch is Just as Important as a Vanity Toll Free Number
    What would you do with a vanity toll free area code? Would you set up marketing activities in a new market, taking advantage of the opportunity to establish local presence?
  • VoIP Logic's Platform-as-a-Service Ensures Consistent Growth
    The third quarter of 2013 appears to have been exceptional for VoIP Logic as it reached many milestones. Its platform-as-a-service delivery model is now being used by more than 30 service provider partners, supports more than 50,000 concurrent sessions of SIP trunking capacity, while operating infrastructure for more than 40,000 business end users.
  • Why Softswitch Makes Sense in a Digital World
    For a great number of companies and residents alike, the benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are felt every month with the arrival of the bill. The low-cost approach to communications streamlines multiple channels and allows for instant connections anywhere in the U.S. for one low rate.
  • VoIPdito's Hosted PBX - A Lifesaver for Polish Businesses
    Poland is described as being an attractive destination for investment and business expansion, evident in the billions of dollars and euros that are being invested there by foreign companies.
  • Contact Center 'Data Overload' Inhibiting Agent Productivity, Customer Service
    Many of today's contact centers are being overloaded with the vast quantities of data being collected. This information accumulates "from disparate sources within corporate call centers, and…data is also inefficiently consolidated once collected," explained EIN News.
  • Infonetics Research: Softswitch Sales Climb in Q3
    Infonetics Research has released preliminary findings on VoIP sales in its Service Provider VoIP and IMS Equipment and Subscribers report, citing VoIP sales are up 52 percent from last year.
  • IPitomy Unveils IP PBX That Can Integrate with Any Property Management Software
    IPitomy, a provider of business phone systems, PBX, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems for the hospitality market, announced the launch of an advanced VoIP IP PBX to its business customers in the hospitality sector.
  • VoIP Innovations Provides Real-Time Access to DIDs
    Due to the popular demand of its Toll-free DID services, VoIP Innovations, an Inc. 5000 company that specializes in providing the largest DID and termination VoIP footprints in North America, is moving upmarket and has expanded its services to the international level.
  • Allworx Unveils New Versions of Interact
    Allworx, a Windstream company and developer of Internet Protocol (IP) based phone systems, recently unveiled two versions of Interact, the company's application that allows Allworx users to view and answer incoming calls from their PCs.
  • Home Media Gateways Will Be a Star of Entertainment by 2017
    One thing that streaming video has always done, and done very well, is allow its users to get access to entertainment no matter where those users happen to be at the time.
  • Hot VoIP Deals Highlighted for November is well-known for its frequent lists which tend to revolve around ways to save money with VoIP. For example, the site released some tips on saving money with mobile VoIP in June with a specific focus on summer activities.
  • Network Monitoring a Secret Key to Superior VoIP Call Quality
    Voice-over-IP (VoIP) delivers many benefits with its all-IP infrastructure, but one challenge that businesses can face is a clogged network. Unlike analogue calling, VoIP call quality can be greatly affected by the other applications and usage on the network.
  • C3ntro Takes PortaOne Softswitch Platform to Mexico City
    Launching a new platform in a crowded industry is a daunting task. Competitors are easily challenged with finding the right financial resources, a powerful marketing strategy, the right positioning and the patience to see everything through to completion.
  • 3CX Phone System 12 Delivers on the Promise of Office Phone Mobility
    One of the advantages of VoIP is the mobility it allows; instead of employees being chained to their office phones, with a VoIP system it is possible to take the office phone with you via smartphone or home office.
  • Hello Kitty to Help Line Make US Debut
    Stickers may seem like something you left behind when you hit junior high, but maybe it's time for a fresh look. While you may have strayed from adding glittery unicorns or race cars to your notebooks, you may be tempted to join 280 million users in a new trend of sending digital stickers to your friends.
  • Why You Need a Proven Softswitch Vendor
    Making the move to softswitch is often done in an attempt to identify new ways to leverage communications innovations and lower the cost of staying connected. Companies will often opt for the VoIP channel in this effort, yet can run into challenges upon implementation.
  • Top 5 Reasons to Select a Softswitch
    The corporate office relying on communications platforms to stay connected with colleagues, partners and customers is likely to invest considerable resources and planning into the right platform. If that platform is then not managed effectively, communications quality suffers and the brand is affected.
  • SIP Trunking for Toll Bypass to Hit 42 Percent by 2018
    Research study findings from the folks at Eastern Management predict that toll traffic on SIP trunks will hit 42 percent by 2018.
  • Why Use a Class 4 Softswitch?
    Softswitch technology is an important aspect when it comes to VoIP. It has changed the traditional method of functioning by replacing hardware switches to softswitches based on software. This has reduced the cost of communication and enabled converged services at the same time.
  • VoIP Supply Now Offers Huawei VoIP Switches
    VoIP Supply, a North American supplier of VoIP equipment and solutions, announced the addition of Huawei VoIP switches to its online catalog.
  • IPitomy Unveils IP PBX In-Context Help Feature
    IPitomy, a provider of IP-PBX platforms, has unveiled its new IP PBX In-Context help feature that helps users learn all the practical aspects of VoIP technology.
  • TEO Intros HD Voice Service in Lithuania
    "Can you speak louder? I can't hear you." How many times have we uttered those words? Oftentimes, out of sheer desperation, we just disconnect from the call, as the poor audio quality mixed with background noise makes speech unintelligible. This experience may not be around much longer, however, if high definition (HD) Voice goes mainstream.
  • Why the Softswitch is Not Just for the Small Business
    Migrating the voice line to the data line is the key practice behind VoIP deployment. For many businesses, this move can reduce the cost of communications, streamline information sharing and deliver a higher level of flexibility and scalability than afforded with the traditional landline. It all sounds great, but is the move to a softswitch really that seamless?
  • Turkcell Superonline Picks Dialogic ControlSwitch System, Replaces Softswitch Technology
    Turkcell Superonline, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Turkcell, and a telecom operator in Turkey, continues to develop and invest in the country. The company recently replaced its softswitch technology to support its IP Multimedia System (IMS) and TDM-based business and residential voice services.
  • What's Driving the Demand for the Softswitch?
    The world of telecommunications is changing. While it seems like we hear that on a fairly consistent basis, this could be due to the rate of change. With new technologies, capabilities and solutions emerging on a regular basis, users are scrambling to install the latest platforms to get the most bang for their communications buck.
  • Benefits of Extending SDN Technologies to Support UC&C Applications recently published a new market research report that gives insights into the benefits, challenges and market opportunities in extending software-defined networking (SDN) technologies to the access layer or campus network to support dynamic unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) applications.
  • CFC Introduces Free Phone Calls Application for iOS
    CallsFreeCalls is an application that allows you to call any number independently of its location. CFC is a completely free VoIP (Voice over the Internet Protocol) messenger and free SMS online service available for everyone and is designed for both iPads and iPhones.
  • Hosted PBX a Perfect Fit for Small Businesses
    Small businesses, which can ill-afford to fritter away their tight economic resources on upfront and investment costs, can iron out their worries as there is now available a viable and cost-effective alternative in hosted PBX.
  • ANPI Hosted Unified Communications Solution Private Label Package Available to Carriers
    As the adoption of unified communications (UC) solutions increases across the globe, new offerings are being developed to allow the developers and carrier provide their end customers with products and services of their choice.
  • NETGEAR Introduces the HMG7000 Headless Media Gateway
    NETGEAR, Inc., a global networking specialist, recently unveiled the HMG7000, a media gateway that uses NETGEAR's NeoMedia platform.
  • ViXS Systems and Wyplay Develop Open Platform-based System for Media Gateway Solutions
    Wyplay, a developer of open, modular software solutions, and ViXS Systems, a semiconductor provider, partnered to develop a true open platform-based system solution for new operator media gateway solutions.
  • snom, Patton Offer Telephony Bundles in North and South America via ABP Technology
    snom technology and Patton Electronics are expanding their existing partnership by offering telephony bundles in North and South America via value-added distributor ABP Technology.
  • US Trumps Australia in Hosted IP-PBX Demand
    When it comes to hosted IP-PBX systems, the U.S. is way ahead of Australia.
  • Phybridge Introduces PoLRE LPC 8 Port Switch
    Phybridge Inc., a provider of two-wire network switch technology, recently introduced the Phybridge PoLRE LPC (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) 8 port switch.
  • ADTRAN Intros NetVanta 6250 IP Business Gateway
    ADTRAN, a provider of cloud connectivity, enterprise communications and mobility solutions, unveiled its new NetVanta 6250 IP Business Gateway.
  • ADTRAN Intros New NetVanta 6250 IP Business Gateway
    ADTRAN, a provider of cloud connectivity, enterprise communications and mobility solutions, recently unveiled its new NetVanta 6250 IP Business Gateway.
  • Longest Downtime Caused By Natural Disasters, Not Hackers
    While we shouldn't take situations like the Syrian Electronic Army takedown lightly, what the "Annual Incident Reports" study, published by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) says about downtime is that events caused by natural disasters, such as storms, floods, heavy snowfall and earthquakes and those caused by human error, actually resulted in the longest outages.
  • ORing Managed Gigabit Switch Offers High-Quality, Dependable Surveillance
    These days, networking surveillance is widely implemented in technologies for security, fire prevention, automation monitoring, rolling stock, city surveillance, and more. Along with these implementations comes the need for a stable network. For most proprietors, powerful network management utilities together with a system with high-resolution surveillance are a main focus.
  • VoIP's Evolution
    Almost everyone has heard of Skype at this point, and most businesses know that the underlying technology that enables Skype, voice-over-IP (VoIP), can save money. But few people realize VoIP has been around for decades.

REDCOM Product Showcase

SLICE® 2100™ is an advanced carrier-class 4/5 softswitch and media gateway platform that delivers interoperable communications to service providers, ILECs/CLECs and private networks. SLICE 2100 is a drop-in solution for carrier IP migration, End Office replacement, and distributed cloud voice services.

SLICE® IP is a pure IP softswitch that delivers advanced next generation network functions and call management for IP subscribers. Built on an industry-standard SIP-based architecture, SLICE IP delivers all the features needed on a pure IP network, such as IP Centrex, bandwidth management, conferencing and SIP trunking.

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SLICE 2100 Brochure
SLICE 2100 provides a high assurance migration solution that enables carriers to schedule a phased approach to VoIP implementation, risks, and financial exposure.

SLICE IP Brochure
REDCOM's SLICE IP allows service providers to deploy flexible networks that can adapt to increasing end-user demands and competitive industry dynamics at a lower operating cost.

HDX Brochure
HDX provides a high assurance migration solution that enables carriers to schedule a phased approach to VoIP implementation, risks, and financial exposure.

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SLICE IP Podcast with Carlos Sanchez
TMCnet's Stefanie Mosca had the opportunity to interview Carlos Sanchez, vice president of sales for the Americas at REDCOM regarding the successful implementation of softswitch as an IP communications solution for customers.

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