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What is a Softswitch?

A drill-down examination of the telecommunications space could easily uncover information regarding the softswitch. You may hear all about the benefits and why you want to have one in place, but that doesn't help to explain what a softswitch is, or what it means to your organization... More ›

  • OTEL Telecoms Announces Release of New Softswitch Solution
    OTEL Telecoms, a licensed South African national telecoms carrier, has launched a new hosted PBX switch with multi-tenant capability. Called CloudAstrix Business Edition, it features a fully functional modern hosted PBX solution for enterprise and telephone service providers worldwide.
  • snom's 7xx Desktop Phones Now Interoperable with Teliax's VoIP Management Solution
    IP desktop business phones developer snom stated that its 7xx series desktop phones are now interoperable with Teliax's VoIP management solution. snom's 710, 715, 720 and 760 endpoints have passed rigorous testing by Teliax and are now certified as the preferred devices that can be used optimally with Teliax' IVY voice management and service platform.
  • Hosted Communications Market to be Worth $12B by 2018
    While the initial thought may be that these monthly figures eventually add up to more than the total initial investment, most companies spend the same amount or more having a dedicated IT team that takes care of the equipment. The cost of replacement parts also contributes to the expense of owning in-house systems, which simply makes it more expensive to own legacy equipment.
  • ABPTech Intros New DrayTekUSA Website for Router Solutions
    ABP Technology, a division of ABP International, Inc. and distributor for high-end technology products in the fields of IT and telecommunications, has launched a new website,, for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The new website showcases DrayTek Routers, which are specifically designed and priced for SMBs. The DrayTek line allows SMBs to adopt cloud services while improving the reliability and security of cloud communications.
  • Business Must Consider Needs Before Installing VoIP, UC Systems
    VoIP and unified communications are among the hottest topics in enterprise communications, but actually implementing these systems takes quite a bit of research, according to Telecomworx president Matt Brunk.
  • AccessDirect Inks Deal with BetterVoice
    AccessDirect, a provider of virtual PBX phone systems, signed a partnership agreement with BetterVoice, a next generation voice and SMS platform provider. The deal is to offer an advanced suite of telephone system features catering to small businesses' budgets.
  • DollarPhone Selects Dialogic's ControlSwitch
    Like any technology, softswitch or TDM switching infrastructures need to be updated periodically, and service providers around the world are now looking for switching systems that provide centralized control over their business, quickly and efficiently. DollarPhone, one of the largest privately owned calling card platform providers in North America, is one such company.
  • BlackBerry Improves Mobile Security with the Purchase of Secusmart
    To emphasize the significance of security to BlackBerry, it announced the purchase of Secusmart, a German-based company specializing in anti-eavesdropping and voice encryption solutions. For businesses that use BlackBerry devices as part of their BYOD policies, this is good news, as it could strengthen the security of communications carried of VoIP and softswitch-based mobile apps.

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REDCOM Product Showcase

SLICE® 2100™ is an advanced carrier-class 4/5 softswitch and media gateway platform that delivers interoperable communications to service providers, ILECs/CLECs and private networks. SLICE 2100 is a drop-in solution for carrier IP migration, End Office replacement, and distributed cloud voice services.

SLICE® IP is a pure IP softswitch that delivers advanced next generation network functions and call management for IP subscribers. Built on an industry-standard SIP-based architecture, SLICE IP delivers all the features needed on a pure IP network, such as IP Centrex, bandwidth management, conferencing and SIP trunking.

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SLICE 2100 Brochure
SLICE 2100 provides a high assurance migration solution that enables carriers to schedule a phased approach to VoIP implementation, risks, and financial exposure.

SLICE IP Brochure
REDCOM's SLICE IP allows service providers to deploy flexible networks that can adapt to increasing end-user demands and competitive industry dynamics at a lower operating cost.

HDX Brochure
HDX provides a high assurance migration solution that enables carriers to schedule a phased approach to VoIP implementation, risks, and financial exposure.

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SLICE IP Podcast with Carlos Sanchez
TMCnet's Stefanie Mosca had the opportunity to interview Carlos Sanchez, vice president of sales for the Americas at REDCOM regarding the successful implementation of softswitch as an IP communications solution for customers.

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